DE: Als DoP könnte ich mir kein besseres Festival wünschen. Da dieser Film auf eine so kinematografische Weise erzählt wird, bin ich sehr glücklich, dass er bei einem Festival wie dem CAMERAIMAGE Premiere .

EN: As a DoP I could not wish for a better festival. Since this film is told in such a cinematographic way, I’m extremely happy it appreciated by such a festival as CAMERAIMAGE.

(From the cameraimage cataloge) This is a story set in the distant past, in the seventeenth century, during the Thirty Years’ War. In the city of Nordhausen, in the Harz Mountains, life is cheap, and the prevailing class divisions and interpersonal relations increasingly intense. The children are taken away from their parents by force, and when they return after many years, they seem to be strangers to them. Yet this is also a story set in modern times where people are still incapable of learning the lessons left for them by the previous generations of cruel divisions. The film is a cinematic experiment dealing with the beauty, fragility, and imperfection of human nature through archetypes and myths.

Director: Christina Friedrich
Cinematographer: Jana Pape
Produced by: Madonnenwerk

Colorist: Artem Stretovych
Gaffer: Mail Uhlig and Vitali Kirsch