The Soil of the Namib : Dreams, will celebrate its world premiere at the Warschau Film Festival

Documentary | 26 min | Germany 2023
World Premiere at Warsaw Film Festival

Far away, in the middle of the Namibian wasteland, on former German-colonial soil. Unsecured, threatening tunnels lead deep into a monolithic mountain. Major, Esmeralda and Peter are working in illegal mines, searching for gemstones. The vastness of the landscape belies the workers’ stuckness. The Sisyphean work brings little economic return, and at the same time the workers risk their lives every day. The group lives in its own microcosm, it seems they have buried their dreams.

Author & Director: Christian Zipfel
Producer: Alina Schäfers
Executive Producer: Michael Truckenbrodt
DoP: Jana Pape
Editing: Bine Deutrich
Music & Sound: Christian Dellacher
Mix: Kevin Jahnel
Grading: Zoltan M. Geller
Dramaturgical Advisor : Alison Kuhn

Supported by:
Saarland Medien

Funded by:
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)