Last fall I’ve been asked to join the Vampire Academy as a C-camera operator. From an operator’s point of you it’s been an amazing masterclass on stunts, fight scenes, crowd management and many, many night shoots. What else to expect from a Vampire Show. We shoot for almost half a […]

shooting – soil of the namib

In August we were finally able to realize our trip to Namibia. Together with Christian Zipfel (director); Alina Schäfer (production); and Christian Dellacher (sound), we been shooting there almost four weeks. The transmedia documentary will include three VR projects and one documentary film, dealing with mining in the context of […]

The Vampire Academy is wrapped

Somewhere, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the road, an almost infinitive journey came to an end. 126 shooting days for the main unit, 121 for me at C-cam, a lot of night shoots, stunts, fights and drama in Spain and Lissabon are coming to an […]


MYRIAD will premiere in Venice

The virtual reality experience MYRIAD – Where we connect. Ist represented in the “Vencice VR Expand” competition of the Venice Biennale. I had the pleasure to shoot the stereographic 3D Foxes, that were integrated in these wonderful AR experience MYRIAD – WHERE WE CONNECT. Press reslese World premiere on the […]

MASCARPONE is now available on OMELETO’s YouToube chanel

Macarpone is an audiance movie and won a lot of prizes awarted from the audiance. Now it’s avileble for eveyone. Francis is a sensitive, dreamy young man working as a film projectionist in a theater. He loves his dog Frafalle, has a crush on a femme fatale and finds himself […]

emmy Maria Schrader

UNORTHODOX series is nominated for 8 EMMYS. Maria Schrader wins Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series – 2020

For me personally UNORTHODOX was a big project to do Bcam, but now it becomes big to everyone. Maria won an Emmy! Since everybody keeps talking about it might be real. 💗 Director: Maria Schrader screenplay: Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski, Deborah Feldmann (literary template), production companies: Studio Airlift […]

Mascarpone wins DEFA promotion Prize Animation – National Cometion

Mascarpone won the the In a skilfully abstracted and lavishly adapted declaration of love to the great dream factory of Hollywood, the winning film embodies an accomplished balancing act between technical perfection and deliberately haptic simplifications. Brilliantly interwoven animation techniques and real-film elements impel the audience onto a high-speed filmic […]