Der Film ist Teil einer abendfüllenden Reihe mit dem Titel „LIMITLESS – STORY OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP“, die nonverbale Filme für Kinder in Krisensituationen zeigt. Diese Reihe wird vom Goethe-Institut und dem WDR gefördert.

GIGANT Filmstill girl sitz on roof

TEAM: Director: Johanna Benz , Art Direction: Sula Pferdt, Animation & Postproduktion: Studio NICE Production company: Bildersturm Filmproduktion & GmbH StudioNICE



30. FilmFest Dresden 2018 , Busan International Shortfilm Festival 2018, 58. Zlin Film Festival 2018, International Children and Youth Festival 2018 Czech Repuplic. Cortoons Festival Gandia, International Shortfilm Festival for Animaion.

The making of Gigant

I joined this project when the concept and artwork were already in the making. My main task was to support the director Johanna Benz in the finalization of the storyboard and and to convey the challenges that arise when shooting for compositing. On the other hand, I worked closely with StudioNICE in pre-production in order to bring Johannas imaginings as smoothly as possible to the screen, merging the principal shooting as well as the artwork.

If you work with a seven year old, you get away with such easy previes. Sometimes simple solutions are the best. I had to change the lighting often, because the green screen and the studio was so small. I drawd the set and the key light transparent plastics and rotate them accordingly. It’s rather old fashion, but you can simply draw the field of view of you lens l to get an idea if you have enough space to cover angel.