No matter whether god’s banker or warrior, whether contractor, B-celebrity or terror girl: God’s ways are sometimes really unfathomable – or deadly.


Director: Steffen Heidenreich. Set Design: Wilko Drews Producer: Editor: Marc Böhlhoff, Grading: Artem Stretovych, Producer: Julia Klett, Barabara Kranz, Production: Bubbels Film GmbH
CAST: Michael Epp, Uwe Preuss, Rauand Taleb, Samir Fuchs, Friederike Kempter und andere

At a time when everything is related, the sum of the parts can result in a catastrophic whole. It can happen anywhere and on November 11th it hits a luxury hotel on the coast in the pretty village Heiligendeich. The combination of those involved looks harmless at first glance. They are: Hagen Seibold (investment banker), Eberhard & Gisela Mustermann (on vacation), Kowalsky (medium-sized contractor), his girlfriend Olga (sexy) and two priests (catholic). Only Nora Krüger is something special – she is an evening TV star and brings a voucher from the film production. But it will be of no use to her in the events that lie ahead of her and everyone else. Because at night, a motley group arrives at the hotel for a late check-in.

(bubbels film GmbH)

This is a feature length MA thesis and is currently submitted to festivals. It’s a sarcastic chamber play shoot on laction in Usedom, while the hotel was operating. This resulted in many day-for-night and night-for-day situations, as well as an extremely tightly timed schedule.

The making of O my God