Dieser Trailer ist für das 45. internationale Studentenfilmfestival Sehsüchte mit dem Festivalmotto SPACE entstanden. Der Trailer wurde mit Studenten der FAMU und Babelsberg gedreht.

TEAM: Director: Karolina Malinowska, VFX Supervisor & Postproduction: Jan Schmitz, Produktion: Diana Hellwig, Donika Žánová, Julia KlettDirector: Karolina Malinowska, VFX Supervisor & Postproduction: Jan Schmitz.

Making of vom SPACE Trailer

We shoot in the Studio in Babelsberg with ARRI Alexa Plus. We planned every shoot in detail. One major challenge was the helmed. In a full size production you would want a to replace the shield of the helm with CGI, because it’s a spare that reflect everything around, including the studio and lights around. It actually limited my lighting option a lot, because you would see lamps in the reflections. I also wanted to have a reflection of the earth in shield, as it has been done in Gravity. The perfect solution to solve both problems was to print the earth on a frame and hide the key-light behind.

The popcorn in the beginning we shoot pined on a photo-tripod and rotate it while pushing in with the dolly. We use a 100mm Macro Ultra Prime lens. The main challenge was to keep the focus. I connected a reflector Matte-Box-alike to the lens to fill my own camera shadow when approaching the popcorn. The same popcorn is pined to the glove of the astronaut when he chache it. I really enjoy this creative problem solving puzzles you face during VFX-projects.

I also photographed a lot of popcorns, with differnt lightings -soft and in space- because our first idea was to use photo-scan to model the pop-corn and then texture them. But Jan Schmitz end up modeling them per hand and just used the photos as references. So without the main popcorn, the popcorn is CGI. The space ship is open source by NASA.