An intense time comes to an end… up.grade was a unique experience which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge not only capturing digital images, but also understanding the philosophy of digital post production. It was also an opertunitie to enter a third film school and expand my network in Berlin and worldwide. I meet incredible clever people along the way. First and foremost my fellow students: Anais Plancoulaine, Yves Roy Vallaster, Artem Stretovych, Petra Lisson, Magda Nizel, Sahil Amin, Yoni Passy, Louise Temmesfeld Tobias Bach Hansen

Thank you Dirk Meier, Felix Hüsken, Harald Brendl, Charles Poynton, Adam Inglis, Stefan Ciupek, Niko Remus, Laurens Orij for sharing all the knowledge.

Edit: these course exists for four years, I’m happy be be the second generation of it. The color grading communitiy as gathers here:

UP.GRADE combines two central thematic poles througout the programme, equiping young talents with both the practical skills and the creative mind-set needed to make powerful, innovative cinema. Future colourists  must have a solid grasp of their craft and tehnical tools. At the same time they must be conversant with colours, images and cinematic languages in narrative, conten-based contexts, withhin the framework of a wide range of cultures and traditions. The curriculum of UP.GRADE is based on the idea of combining theory with handson exercises in artistic, communcative and technical fields. From discussions with established colourists, post-production supervisors, post-production facility managers and cinematographers, a curriculum was developed to cover all topics relevant for successful colourists today. These encompass