International programme shortfilm and pre-film in the german-speaking  programme.

Germany / 2019 / documentary / 25 min. / world premiere
Director: Hannes Schilling
Production: Filmuniversity Babelsberg
Cinematography: Jana Pape & Johannes Greisle

A forest in Brandenburg. Digging for traces of history. Preservationists secure the foundation walls of a camp where Jewish prisoners from Theresienstadt were forced to build a branch office of the Berlin Reich Main Security Office under miserable conditions. Other men are searching for Nazi memorabilia with a metal detector. And then there is Mrs. Werner, Christa Werner, who has been living here for so long that she remembers the “Jew hole” from the past.
(Catalog Text Dok Leipzig von Silvia Hallensleben)


  • CineStar2: 29.10.2019 um 16:45
  • GRASSI Museum 30.10.2019 um 19:30
  • Passage Kinos Astoria 2.11.2019 um 11:00