INTO THE RED is a thrilling experience in VR, volumetric video and 360° recordings. It encourages the user to discover the limits of memories, dreams and reality. Read more about the work here.

Shooting the earth for „Into the red“

I had the pleasure shooting the memories on earth. We decided to shoot 360 video in stereoscopic. We used the Kandao R, at the time latest technology.

The mars mission

The Volucap is a full dome soft box equipped with 32 cameras which we used to scan the performance of the actors Bianca Comparato and Andreas Borcherding. Based on this data we got a 3D-character that will be embedded in the CGI-world.


Producer: Paul Bullinger , Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf .
Fundet by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg Suported by Volucap.